How to Start VOIP Phone Business

How to Start VOIP Phone Business - With the ongoing popularity of Mobile VoIP, it is estimated that the Mobile VoIP market will triple in size over the next four years. Many entrepreneurs are coming to this industry as the market is growing rapidly. If done properly it can become a profitable business.

Starting a VOIP Phone Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Learn About The Industry
First, you have to collect as much information about the business and the industry as a whole. This can be achieved by reading the book, join the discussion forum and learn the business of others.

2. Specify Your Business Strategy
Next, you must determine how you want to operate. You can start your own VoIP phone company or to become a reseller for VoIP phone companies that are already established.

3. Register Your Business
To start your own phone company, you are required to register and combine your business with the business registration office in your country. It is recommended to incorporate your business as a limited liability company so your business can run as a limited liability company.

4. Get A Permit To Practice
 The next step is to get a license that lets you operate your VoIP phone company.

5. Secure Financing For Your Business
Before you begin Your VoIP phone company, you need to find out how you are going to finance this business. You should start by writing a business plan that contains all the objectives of your business and what you need to accomplish it. When you have your business plan, you can now contact the banker or financier You that will help you guarantee a loan to start your business.

6. Find A Trusted Service Providers
Many companies welcome potential reseller VoIP technology and this is an option you might want to see. You can search for service providers that you can invite couples.

There are companies that offer private-label services where you will be able to resell their services as if it were your own brand.

You can also partner with other business owners to check branding options. You can also become a reseller and earn commissions from directing end users to existing VoIP companies.

7. Create A Website For Your Business
VoIP business is a kind of virtual business and it is mandatory that you create a business website for your business. Your website will make it possible for people to direct your service. The client will also have access to information such as call rates and phone plans. They will also be able to contact you whenever they need to make inquiries or complaints.

8. Payment Strategy Tool
Of course, you are not running a charitable organization. Your clients will be expected to pay for your services making them, but how will they do that because you are running an online based business?

You must register with a credit card merchant or payment processing company that will help you process your online payments and deposit into your business account. It is recommended that you open a separate bank account for your business so that it can be used strictly for your business.

9. Advertise Your Business
You need to find ways to drive traffic and create awareness for your business. You can achieve this with your business ads. The best way to advertise your business is through the internet. You can use Google advertising platforms or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can place ads on forums or websites where there are many tech-savvy people.

Advertising is part of your VoIP business that you can not ignore because of success if your business depends on the number of subscribers you can get. A good way to get customers as a beginner will give you a discount and for free.

10. Launch Your Business
When you have all of the above factors, you can now launch your business and begin receiving orders from customers who are interested.

You must ensure that you have a user friendly website that makes it easy for customers selecting a phone and plan You should also make sure that you give detailed instructions on how to set up and configure their phone system.

Some of your customers might stay away from you, then it is important to know how to send the necessary hardware to them.

11. Receive Feedback From Clients
Don't leave your clients once the deal is closed. Make sure you provide after-sales support to your customers. Also need to prepare a customer service department that will help to listen to the challenges customers and immediately fix it.

Advanced step How to Start VOIP Phone Business

To start your own VoIP business, there are some infrastructure requirements, in addition to creating a sales / marketing infrastructure. Here is a brief guide into the requirements for starting a mobile VoIP business:

Step 1: Set up the VoIP infrastructure, which consists of hardware and software
Softswitch with Softswitch billing is the heart of the VoIP business and controls all transactions, customer records, routing calls and invoices & billing, second-generation prepaid reports and post paid business models. Softswitches come in various rankings, mainly based on concurrent transactions can handle; for example a softswitch that can handle simultaneous calls of 1000 or softswitch that can handle 400 simultaneous calls. In addition to concurrent calls, there are parameters such as stability, security, scalability and ease of operation, call connectivity efficiency, call routing mechanisms and other features, which will determine the choice of Softswitch . Generally Softswitches come with built-in billing but if not, then one needs to invest in a separate billing software. However, it's better to go for Softswitches which has integrated billing functionality to ensure a hassle-free business transaction.

Software optimization & Tunneling bandwidth of these software components is indispensable for retail operations where the internet quality at the customer end may be inconsistent. And it also helps service providers who offer their services in a geographic area where VoIP Calls are blocked by firewalls. This software, installed on the server side ensures that customers have a fine quality experience, even if the internet throughput on their 3G / Wi-Fi connection is not always sufficient to support VoIP calls.

Server & Hosting - the above software is generally installed on enterprise server classes hosted on the Internet Data Center (IDC) and can offer services that are always with bandwidth and air / quality 24/7 quality while ensuring your service never goes down. One can rent / server bandwidth from IDC's worldwide, IDC location depends on your target market and / or service quality from IDC.

Step 2: Mobile VoIP application
If you choose retail VoIP services, you must provide the application using which the Subscriber will initiate the call. For full retail services, service providers will need to purchase the following software solution.

Mobile Dialer – this is a mobile application, which will be downloaded to your customers on their cell phone, to make VoIP calls. There are a number of available mobile VoIP client in this industry but one should choose clients who offer branding to the service provider, so your brand will be present and visible to the customer. In addition, mobile applications must be stable, has good sound quality, can support the requirements of the optimization of bandwidth and has an easy user interface that allows clients to make calls even if they are not a geek technology.

PC Dialers (Software to make calls from PC)-someone needs to offer customers facilities as many retail customers to make calls from their personal computer (PC). It is also a software application, which need to be downloaded by the customer before they can do any calls. PC dialer options will also depend on the quality brandable options and features that are similar to Mobile VoIP application.

Calling Card-someone needs to offer a calling card to retail customers who want to access VoIP services but do not have the availability of the internet on their phones or have access to a PC/Device at the time of the call. To offer this option to customers, You need to make sure Your Softswitch supports calling card and have a DID (Direct Inward Dial) or local phone number configured. Here, DID local phone number which is to be transferred to your customers-will then be greeted by the IVR voice systems, which will require them to enter their destination number and the call will be connected.

Call Shop-if you plan to offer retail services, call shop is a necessity to do business in many countries, where customers contact the store to do a cheap long distance calls. This feature allows the store to manage several calls the infrastructure of customer calls, from PC/Devices/Mobile and able to identify and give the Bill to consumers precisely and easily, while still holds full control of operations them. Softswitch System REVE, iTel Switch call shop features a highly sophisticated, which is used by many retail service providers around the world.

Step 3: Your own website, with the support of credit card payment gateway
If you're in the VoIP business, you'll get potential customers from all over the world. To efficiently deliver services to your customers from a variety of geographies, you will need a fully functioning website supported with payment options like credit card, PayPal etc. So customers can pay you seamlessly and use the service.

Step 4-Inter-Connecting by terminating the operator
To end calls to your customers, whether in retail or wholesale, you will need to interconnect with several carriers around the world who will offer you various stopping purposes. It pays to connect with other carriers so you have enough tariff options and goals both in terms of cost and quality. For example, if you end a call to the United States, different operators will offer different levels and quality of service-so you will need to choose a carrier based on their market reputation and quality achieved during your interconnect test. This carrier offers price objectives in USD / min terms, for example, the rate for USA can be 0.008-which means for every 1 minute one call terminated through their network they will charge you 0.008 USD. The termination fee is the single largest variable charge for VoIP operators and then you will need to be diligent in choosing carriers and maintaining an account with them.

Step 5-Finally, find some customers
Like any other business, here you also need to find customers once you're done with building infrastructure and other basic requirements. So Whether you are in retail or Wholesale VOIP Service, you will have to find customers and offer competitive prices with good quality of service. In terms of maintaining the quality of service, two parameters are critical to the quality of the infrastructure and the quality of terminating the operator-so make sure that you choose the right one.

Step 6-customer support
Once you have begun to acquire customers and have customer / call transactions, you will have to ensure customer support so that you can solve your customer's problems. If you serve a global customer base, you will also have to ensure full 24/7 support through your customers will be able to reach you whenever they have a service interruption. On the REVE system, we offer 24/7 support for all our customers through our network of technicians. It is a fully functional support portal with trouble Ticket opening and live chat facility.

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