How to Make Money Writing Articles Online – Step by Step

How to Make Money Writing Articles Online - You enjoy writing and would like to make money from these activities? If Yes, one way is by becoming a freelance article writer (freelance writer). In my view, the request (demand) will be a quality article writing services is quite high due to the many bloggers who don't have much time to write or develop focus blog to the next level.

If you just know a freelance article writer, don't worry. In this article I will explain the strategy of telling all you need to do to earn money by becoming a freelance article writer. This strategy is not theory, but from my experience that became a freelance article writer in the last 2 years.

I am using the money earned from the sideline job to fund my need as a student of the school. Looks interesting, isn't it?

7 Advantages of Being a Freelance Article Writer - How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Prior to the strategy, I first describe why you need to choose to become a freelance article writer. In my understanding, there are at least 7 advantages you will get.

1. The flexibility of Time
The first reason is the leeway (flexibility) of the time. You will not be restrained time so that it can work after Home Office, home school day, morning, evening, midnight, or holidays. In other words, work time is adjusted to Your everyday life.

Even so, it does not mean you'll work arbitrarily. You should pay attention to article delivery deadlines that have been set by the consumer. So, smart in arranging the time and try to send writing to consumers before the deadline arrives.

2. Place Flexibility
Next, a freelance article writer becomes advantage is the flexibility of the venue. There is no rule that requires you to work in the Office. You can write anywhere, such as in open space, a cafe, field, room, library, or site.

Sure, the selection of this place is tailored to the situation and your comfort. For example, if you prefer to be in open space because the idea of easy writing, should only appear at the venue.

3. Get To Know The Bloggers And Web Site Owners Of Famous
In terms of business and acquaintance, becoming a freelance writer allows you to get to know a number of bloggers or website owners. With know it, sure you could learn a lot from them. For example, the way a proper business management, time management, resource management business, or even be able to get capital from them.

Based on the book 101 Young CEO, one of the capital's business is social capital. Social capital (capital contacts) will give You a help, science, or solutions to business problems.

4. Great Income Potential
Writing is one of the expensive expertise. If you do it with enthusiasm and earnest, you can get tens of millions of dollars.

The price of the service article writing blog at this time ranged from USD 1 - USD 3 per 100 words. Consumers will generally order the minimum article with 300 words.

Let's count. your price USD 2 per 100 words. If there are bloggers who are ordered by the number of article 20 articles with a total of 700 words per article, then you will get USD 280 (USD 14 x 20).

5. Creative
With an active writing, creative writing because you will it need creativity. The more you write, the more creative and increase skilled write you.

In addition, writing also help you postpone senility. Why? Because your brain will continue to be honed and trained.

6. Popularity
By becoming a freelance article writer, you're building a portfolio of you writing. If it continues to be developed, it is not impossible that you will become a famous writer.

Guide To Become A Freelance Article Writer  - How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

You already know why the author of the article off that promise. Now, it's time You find out how to be the writer of the article that make money. Below-stage phases of its sake.

1. Have Basic Writing
If basically already obsolescent, certainly it will also not sturdy. Therefore, to be the author of the article you should understand basic milestone in writing. A basic milestone in what to write?  

Reading is a process that will take you to the world of ideas and forms of our writing style later.

If you are lazy to read, rest assured, the quality of the writing will not be increased, best friend any technique that you do.

Since I started writing, reading books – books such as tutorials, motivation, psychology, and business is my everyday life. The result is what? Ideas for rendered does not stop flowing. For example, this article has a number of words is more than 1000, all obtained with actively writing and reading.

2. Sharpening Your Writing Skills
To be a writer, you don't simply by reading it. However, you also have to hone your writing skills. Sharpening the skills is just with one way, namely, keep writing and writing.

Discover what topics to write, read materials related to those topics, then write. After you write it, edit the article so that You are getting quality.

3. Ask Your Friend's Writings
Before offering a service, which needs to be done is to ask others to assess your writing. If his judgment is less good, don't be discouraged keep working and fix your writing. Don't forget to ask appraiser what the shortcomings of your writing.

If the target is a blogger, ask the blogger – senior bloggers to rate your writing. When writing that you generate a weighted, next step has started to become a blogger in advance.

4. Create A Blog For Your Writing
Create a blog for writing promotional media is a must. Before "peddling" article writer service, we recommend that you also make your own blog, then, fill them with your own writing. What's the point of the blog?

The blog will be useful if prospective customers or buyer You ask or want to see the article – article you will ever produce. If they like your writing, then they will make you as a writer.

If you do not know how to create a blog, please see the how to create a free Blog at Blogger and WordPress.

5. Promotion At Various Sites
The next stage is to a promotional article writing services. There are some sites that are powerful enough to bring in customers, among them:
  • Forum
  • Facebook group

How selling on the site – the site above is very easy. Make a portfolio of your professional sales by providing complete contact details. Inform also the advantages and profits using Your article writing services.

6. Create A List Of Customers
Customer satisfaction is number one. If you have already started to get orders, write down the order in full, from the name of the Booker, keyword (keywords), number of orders, and deadlines.

7. Keep The Authenticity Of Your Writing
The authenticity and quality of the writing is the main thing in offering services of article writing. Although your writing service orders have been many, do not ever to give the article the results of copy paste. Remember, once you commit fraud, the credibility you can drop drastically.

8. Ask for Testimonials
Don't forget to ask for a testimonial to Your customer. This testimony is the most powerful marketing strategy because it could increase people's confidence in your service.

9. Understand The Basics Of SEO
Because you are offering a service for blog article writing, you have to understand also with the name of SEO. You don't have to learn complicated techniques, simply learn basically just beforehand, like keyword research and optimization on page. Read also the 3 main pillars in learning SEO.

10. Just In Time
Sending writing as not timely for no apparent reason on Your customers is a fatal error. Therefore, try submitting articles for a minimum 1 day before deadline.

If you are sick, for example, late or there is a disaster, these things information on customers. If they are not happy, you should return the money they favor keeping the professionalism of your self.

Become a freelance article writer is one of the strategies that you can try to make money without getting out of your job. This strategy is simple, but you need to work hard in the beginning. Try step by step I've describe above right now. I am optimistic you can become a freelance article writer make money.

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