6 Business Tips For Success From Jeff Bezos

1. Make No Mistake When Recruiting Employees
Business Tips For Success - The process is long but not wrong recruit, rather than hurry but not prospect. Employee recruitment process in the Amazon is notoriously tight, because Bezos not want to recruit origin. As quoted by Business Insider, Bezos said, "It would be better if I interviewed 50 people and did not accept one of them, rather than a recruit."

Bezos think, by recruiting the right people then the corporate culture will be stronger. Therefore, Amazon's prospective employees are required to follow five stages of the interview, each stages of two to three hours.

If you apply these tips in the process of hiring employees in your business, maybe the process will take a long time. But the candidate who will join you is the best candidate, who is ready to give you high dedication

2. Be A Stubborn Man But Flexible 

Stubborn but flexible? 
The richest man in the world no.1 said important buatmu forstubborn nature to the Affairs of the bisnismu vision.However, you need to be flexible to resolve all theexistingproblems. 

As a prospective entrepreneur or entrepreneur, embodiesthe vision of alias long term goal indeed must beaccompanied by strong determination. That is why we mustinsist on yourself, because if the baseball, you can give up inthe middle of the road. 

And when ye are not able to act more flexible in resolvingthe problem, you would not ever find alternative solutions.

That's what makes you just be silent and so not productive. 

3.  Customer Is A Guest We Invite To A Party
At the wedding, all guests were certainly the same food. It shall apply the same business.

To maintain the relationship with customers, it's good to think of them as a guest we invite to a party at the home of our own. In the meantime, we are rolling out a host of party

So, by not directly we would continue to improve the customer service process. 

So do not wonder if Amazon can succeed. They are really able to give the best create customers.

Mandatory in mind, Bezos insists that it is far better for us to do than spy on competitors. There is also a point, anyway, when we were busy the same competitors, then likely customers so neglected.

4. Knowing When Companies Eliminate The Boundary Between Employees
When the bulkhead between the seniority of employees is missing, then there is an opportunity for new employees to win an argument against a senior employee. Although this sometimes triggers the appearance of wild ideas, but this process would be useful for future business success.

As a prospective business owner, what do you think the same idea on this one? Do you also would eliminate the boundary between yourselves the same employees for the sake of the progress of the business? Or the contrary?

5. Not Have Vied For Advantage As Fast As Lightning  
When the plunge into the world of business, we definitely found a chance advantage to be had in a short time. Don't be tempted to pursue a profit, because the long term goal could only fail when you are too busy with this one.

Try to remember to point the two reserved vision. There you are required to keep it hard in pursuit of the vision of the long-term goal of the alias. So, your dream it and don't be tempted in the same short term gains totaling actually also not a bigger.

6. Do Not Invite Many People For Meetings And Seminars

The richest man in the world no. 1 this set of rules "two pizza" in the Affairs of the meeting or work meetings. This rule is not meant he would treat pizza fit meetings Yes. 

But more to the supposition that impossible two pizza could feed many people.

So, who joined the meeting with Bezos most only five or seven people. But of course those people have a very high dedication.

When his close only attended seven people, surely the more effective. The duration of meetings is also not going long, and all of them can directly behind work again. Effective right?

That's six tips from the richest man in the world no. 1 make leaders and prospective business people. 

Hard-hard-easy actually want to implement this, but how can you know if it's difficult if untested.

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