10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube - YouTube attracts more than one billion users per month. This is a large audience. Then, if you want to make money online, one of the ways of achieving that dream is to be more active on YouTube. When you wonder how it is possible to make money on YouTube, this explanation should enlighten you:

In the same way that can monetize the content of a blog or website, you can monetize YouTube videos with the same strategies; AdSense, marketing affiliation, etc. And applies the same requirement, you need a great traffic. As well as heavy traffic you need to get a decent income from the content of your blog or website, you need high traffic to take advantage of their YouTube videos. Do you understand it now?

Now, let's look at 10 ways you can make money with YouTube.

10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

1. Google Adsense
Having exhibited before or during your video ads is the most obvious way to make money on YouTube. To make these announcements are published in his videos, all you have to do is register for Google Adsense.

Once you set up your Adsense account, you can start to show ads on their own YouTube videos. A major benefit of this option is that you don't have to look for advertisers on their own, because Google handles all of that. However, not all are accepted into YouTube partners.

2. Affiliate Links
Another great way to monetize your videos from YouTube is to add links of affiliated within the text of the video description. This strategy works best if your video is on the same product to promote as an affiliate.

You receive a Commission whenever a viewer sees the links of affiliate, visit the URL and make a purchase. It's that simple. How many more views attract your video, more money will win, since more people will buy through links from affiliate.

3. Selling Private Ads
You can decide to ignore Google Adsense and selling ads directly to advertisers. However, you must take into account that you yourself must find advertisers. Normally private ads get more money by view ads from Google Adsense. While you can sell ads private for up to $50 for each 1000 visits, the Adsense ads tend to pay about $10 for every 1000 visits.

However, to attract large advertisers, their videos must constantly attract tens of thousands; or even hundreds of thousands of hits.

4. Sell links
If you are not into affiliate marketing, then you can sell links in your video description. That is, you get paid to include links to other people's websites or blogs.

However, you should be very careful with this method if you have a YouTube channel with an existing subscriber base. If you rent your description field for advertisers who link to related or trashy content, you can damage your reputation channel and lose your customers. If you receive relevant ads by leading advertisers, then your audience will have no issues with it.

5. YouTube Rentals
This is another cool video monetization option, but at the time it was for US based users only. This option allows users to generate "premium" videos and sell access to videos for any cost they choose.

This option is perfect for anyone who has built a loyal and reputable audience for useful and relevant video publishing. So, "guiding experts" can make money with this option.

6. Sell Access To Unlisted Videos
If you're not based in the US, an alternative way to charge for access to your videos is to publish them as unlisted videos, which means they will not show up on channels or Search results. You can then sell them through other media such as other videos or blog posts.

In addition, if you do not want to host videos on YouTube at all, then host them on Amazon S3.

7. Paid Reviews

You can also make money from YouTube by selling an entire video production that reviews advertiser products or displays their benefits. This is similar to a "paid review" or "sponsored post" model that offers bloggers for written reviews.

While this method can be very profitable, you should be very careful if you have a channel with many customers. Producing a "salesy centered" video that gives value to the viewer can affect your reputation negatively and make you lose customers.

8. Promote Your Own Product Or Service
If you run a business that offers a particular product or service, you can attract more customers by creating a video that promotes their offer and upload on YouTube. If you've built a reputation for useful videos, injecting such videos will not upset your customers, and you'll even get more purchases.

9. Product Reviews Affiliate
Affiliate link while placing in Your video description (as described above) is a good way to make money from someone else's product or service, you can make more money by dedicating a whole video to promote affiliate products.

A good way to increase your income with this method is to make a video about your use of products and the results you get.

10. Selling Channels
Just as a blogger can decide to sell her blog after foster it, you could also decide to sell Your YouTube channel as long as you already have a large customer base or generates search engine traffic which large, and the production of the channel is not related to you. personality.

Channels that attract search engine traffic is worth more than an interesting visits only from customers.

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